Try-Out Information 

The Barracks
518 Barracks Farm Road, Charlottesville VA 22901
Reach out to us for more specific information about the team! Attached below are 3 important documents to view.
Please fill out these documents and bring them to tryouts!
Team Requirements
Fundraising Commitment: 
- All members must spend 5 hours a semester fundraising 
- All members must contribute a prize with a value of $15 dollars to our annual raffle 

Lesson Commitment: 
- All members must take 2 lessons a week 

Financial Commitment: 
- Lessons are sold in packs of 10 for $750 
- Team dues are $90 a semester 
- IHSA requires a $45 membership fee and coaching fees around $20 a show per class 
- $15 dollar raffle prize

Other Commitments: 
- All members must attend ALL mandatory events (home IHSA shows, barn clean up, etc)
Can I take more than two lessons a week? 
- Absolutely! However many lessons you take each week is dependent on your schedule and your budget! 

Do I have to show? 
- No! You have the option to show or not to. However, even if you indicate interest in showing, you're not guaranteed a chance to show. 

Do you offer any financial aid?
Unfortunately at this moment, Virginia Riding is not in a place to offer financial aid as we are trying to raise money to continue caring for our horses and compensate our coaches fairly!

Is it worth it? 
- Absolutely!! If you love horses and want to join a super tight knit group of equestrians, our club is for you! Everyone LOVES coming out to the barn and you will find truly amazing people here! It's beyond worth it. 
Are tryouts based on skill? 
- We are looking for a well-rounded team, therefore our main concern is YOUR COMMITMENT level. We do not expect our new riders to try-out and show off any skill. We are mainly focused on your attitude and interest level. 

What if I don't make the team/don't want to ride? 
- We have an amazing social aspect of our club. You get to enjoy all of the social events and have a much lower time and financial commitment. We are one big family and would love to have you wether you ride or not! 

Do I have to accept the spot if I try-out and make the team? 
- Yes, we ask that everyone sign a contract before trying out saying you understand the requirements and will accept the seat on the team if you're accepted. 

Where can I reach you if I have more questions? 
- You can email us at, DM us on Instagram at virginia_riding, or send us a Facebook message @VAriding.