"Diodoro" aka Dodo

“Diodoro” or Dodo is a bay year old warmblood gelding. Dodo has training in both dressage and the hunters, making him a favorite both over fences and on the flat. Both before and while at the Barracks, Dodo has competed successfully in the Children's Hunters and Adult Amateurs. Recently, Dodo won the Individual Novice Championship at ANRC Finals and was a member of the winning Novice Team. He is also the perfect IHSA draw!

"Suit and Tie" aka Handsome

"Suit and Tie" aka Handsome is a 10 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding. Before joining the team, Handsome competed successfully in the performance hunters and adult amateurs at major venues such as WEF. Since arriving at the Barracks, Handsome has continued his winning ways in the adults, as well as being a member of UVA's winning Collegiate Cup team in 2018!

"Ooh La La" aka Frenchie

“Ooh La La” or Frenchie is a 17 year old Belgian warmblood gelding. Frenchie competed in the performance and junior hunter divisions before coming to the Barracks, where he now shows in the adult amateurs and is ridden in team practices. His incredible jumping form makes him a favorite of our advanced riders!

"Rose Weasley" aka Nanna

“Rose Weasley” or Nanna is an 8 year old warmblood mare. Team members love Nanna’s smooth gaits and kind demeanor, as well as her amazing jump. Most recently, Nanna attended a hunter pace and was a star!


Falcon, a bay 14 year old Rhineland Pfalz, is one of our most decorated school horses. Prior to his donation to the team, Falcon stood at stud under the name Cadbury and competed in hand, in dressage, and in the jumpers. As a member of the Barracks, his show career has included numerous championships in the hunters, along with qualifying for the Washington International Horse Show, winning at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and being named Best Horse at the 2017 WCHR Pro Finals. Falcon’s accomplishments with Virginia Riding include competing at ANRCs in 2013, helping UVA win the 2017 Collegiate Cup at the Hollins Spring Horse Show, and being a favorite draw at our UVA IHSA shows.

"Ravello" aka Dan

"Ravello" or Dan is an 11 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding. Prior to his donation, Dan had a successful career in the amateur and professions divisions up and down the East Coast. At the Barracks, Dan continues his success as a superstar IHSA and adult amateur horse. Dan's stunning movement makes him stand out in the ring, and he is considered a favorite by many riders!


Firefly is a lovely 2010 KWPN gelding that was donated to our team last year. Prior to joining Virginia Riding, he had a successful career in the Green Hunters and Adult Hunters. Since then, Firefly has quickly become a barn favorite thanks to his sweet personality and talent in the ring! He was a member of our 4th place National team at the 2018 ANRC Championships, and has been a fantastic ride at our IHSA shows and in team lessons. A fun fact about Firefly is that he loves being ridden in the field - he was a superstar at a hunter trial this past spring!


"Iridescent" aka Iris

"Iridescent" aka Iris is a 17 year old warmblood mare. Before coming to The Barracks, she had a very successful career showing in the Adults, mainly in California. Now, she is absolutely perfect for our beginner riders, and is a favorite for those learning to ride. While she is quiet enough to teach new riders, she can also strut her stuff at IHSA shows! 


Regan is one of Virginia Riding's superstar foxhunters! He is always a favorite to ride out on the hill, and loves to jump. In the ring, Regan is the perfect ride for lessons and clinics. He is known to love rolling in the field and often comes in looking like a chestnut!

  • Congratulations to Regan's 1st sponsor - Selena Kowalski! Thank you so much for your support!

"Catalyst" aka Max

"Catalyst" or Max is a 14 year old Sachsen-Anhalt Warmblood. Prior to joining Virginia Riding, Max was a star in everything from the amateur owner hunters to international derbies, showing successfully at Devon, WEF, and Indoors. Thanks to his kind nature, Max is perfect for both beginner and advanced team lessons. Max is known as the cuddliest horse in the barn!


"Foxmore Fitzwilliam" aka Mops

“Foxmore Fitzwilliam” or Mops is a is a large pony gelding who has been at the Barracks for almost 9 years. Mops was shown successfully in the Green and Large Pony Hunters by many riders. Mops has a kind personality and excellent behavior, which makes him perfect for our newer riders. While he is often used in beginner lessons, he is also a favorite over jumps!

"Langhorne" aka Eddie

"Langhorne" aka Eddie is a beautiful 14 year old Welsh cross. Eddie has successfully shown in the pony divisions, and now is a superstar in both beginner and advanced lessons. He is easily recognizable in the ring due to his incredible movement and good looks, and is often described as our team's unicorn!

"Enticing" aka Tyler

“Enticing” or Tyler is an 18 year old Hanoverian gelding. Tyler’s stunning movement has made him an excellent mount for horseshows and ANRCs, while his quiet demeanor is perfect for lower level lessons. Tyler has shown in the Adult Amateurs with many Barracks riders and team members. His grace and talent make him an incredible IHSA draw as well!

"Scooby Doo" aka Scooby

“Scooby Doo” or Scooby is an 18 year old Dutch Warmblood, and is known as a barn favorite! He has had a stellar career as a show horse, from rated shows to ANRCs. Scooby has competed in the Junior Hunters, Big Eq, and even hunter derbies! Riders love his sweet personality and talent in the ring. Standing at 17.1 hands, he is truly a gentle giant!

"Chellapo Z" aka Chelly

“Chellapo Z” or Chelly is an 18 year old Zangersheide gelding. Prior to his donation, Chelly was shown in the upper level jumpers by top riders such as Kent Farrington and Todd Minikus. Now, Chelly gets to showcase his talent in lessons and the IHSA ring! Chelly is an incredible teacher for our riders and a wonderful asset to the program.

"Siracusa" aka Uno

“Siracusa” or Uno is an 18 year old Argentinian Warmblood stallion standing proud at 16.2 hands tall. Uno is an absolute dream under saddle and on the ground, you would never know he was a stallion by his manners. Uno has been shown in the Adult Amateurs by many team members. He is a favorite of many our riders, as well as IHSA competitors lucky enough to draw him!

"Coffee Boy" aka Coffee

“Coffee Boy” or Coffee is a 2011 Brandenburg gelding by Quarterback. Before joning the Virginia Riding Team, Coffee successfully showed in the Pre Green hunters at many top venues. Coffee’s lovely gaits and jump make him a perfect fit for team lessons, clinics, and shows! During our annual fall photoshoots, Coffee is always a favorite, stealing the show with his good looks and kind demeanor. Riders on the team have called him “the most comfortable horse to ride” and “the sweetest horse in the barn.”

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